Alef Capital was founded in 2019 to create value for investors by identifying opportunities in the Russian market, mainly in real estate operations and real estate investments.

What Does Alef Capital Do?

Alef Capital is focused on two main areas:

real estate operations and investments in real estate:

Alef Capitаl has an extensive presence on the commercial real estate market in Russia, having a pool of high-value commercial properties and providing direct access to relevant contacts. Stable relations with government officials and availability of a great number of consultants and analysts enable Alef Capital to find opportunities to the benefit of all of its potential partners. Alef Capital aims to identify and secure targeted investment opportunities in both emerging and existing market segments.

In addition to operations on the Russian real estate market, Alef Capital is active in Israel, due to the unique industry contacts of its co-founders. In Israel Alef Capital operates via the Realty.Estate agency that provides clients with high-quality solutions to corporates.

Representation of high-potential companies on the Russian market:

Thanks to our highly qualified advisors, close relations with government officials and the ability to identify companies with a high potential, Alef Capital has managed to successfully introduce to the Russian market products and services provided by non-Russian companies in various industries.


Russia, Israel and beyond

For Real Estate Investors

The Russian commercial real estate market has scored significant highs over the last few years. A greater number of deals, a higher average transaction value and foreign investment on the rise suggest a growing confidence in Russian economy.

The ability of Alef Capital to ensure a high return on real estate investments provides unique opportunities to real estate investors. We invite our potential partners to join our successful investment strategy and use our profound expertise in real estate investments and operations.

For Companies

Efforts of Alef Capital are focused on building long-term relations with our partners to provide them with a greater income and significant capital gains. We look forward to cooperating with non-Russian companies willing to sell their new and high-quality products on the Russian market.