Sergey Kulyukin

Sergey Kulyukin, a partner at Alef Capital, is a long-term real estate investor and entrepreneur with a proven track record, experience of participation in large-scale investment projects and employment with infrastructure holding companies in Russia.

Prior to founding Alef Capital, Sergey gained extensive financial experience working as head of the Finance and Economics Department at Gazprom Elektrogaz, Head of the Financial Department at VIS Group, as well as Financial Director at VIS group subsidiaries. Sergey was also employed as Chief Executive Officer at ASPEK Group, a company that, among other things, is engaged in building production facilities as part of assignments by the Russian government.

Sergey holds a BSC degree in Physics and Math from the Khujand State University, an MA in Corporate Finance from the Plekhanov University of Economics, and an MBA in Gas and Oil Management from the Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas.

Abraham Tzur

Abraham Tzur, a partner at Alef Capital, has a profound expertise in real estate investments and operations.

Prior to founding Alef Capital, Abraham was a lawyer at several leading law firms in Israel; he was also employed by the world’s largest multinational law firm, Dentons (London). His practice focused on cross-border financing and real estate transactions.

With a law degree from the University of Haifa, Abraham represented international investors, including publicly traded companies, venture capital funds and banks. He also provided business and legal consulting to various companies, including those in the high tech sector. Abraham is a member of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Law, University of Haifa.

Michael Shahnovich

Michael Shakhnovich, a partner at Alef Capital, is a trilingual (English, Hebrew, Russian) real-estate investor (Russia) with an extensive network of real estate investors’ contacts.

Prior to founding Alef Capital, Michael was a senior advisor for corporate relations at Israel’s leading consulting firms involved in commercial real estate and providing premium services in the related fields. Prior to his career as an advisor, Michael was vice president at a private company with an annual turnover of over USD 80 million. Among the company’s clients was the Israeli Electrical Corporation, as well as other major private and public companies from all around the world.

Michael holds a law degree from the University of Haifa.